There's a Whole New Point to Service.

Greater access to Meritor product information, training opportunities and proven parts makes the difference and Meritor Service Point makes it happen. The Meritor Service Point program is about building relationships - a true partnership between Meritor and the network of approved repair shops with independent service garage (ISG) locations across the United States and Canada. ISGs within the program benefit from product training, greater Meritor brand awareness, rewards programs and enhanced online parts search and identification with

Since the launch in 2015, the program has helped ISGs service their customers with greater knowledge and efficiency. Meritor-approved ISGs have complete access to the entire portfolio of Meritor aftermarket parts brands, as well as a wide breadth of training opportunities for their technicians to ensure repairs are completed per spec with the right parts. Meritor-approved ISGs also gain visibility to fleets and drivers who know and respect the Meritor brand.

The Meritor Service Point network includes 48 service garage locations across the U.S. and Canada, and continues to grow. When working with a Meritor-approved ISG for service and repairs, fleets and owner operators can have peace of mind knowing that the exact part that is the best match for the lifecycle stage of their vehicle is installed by a qualified, trained technician every time.